Lisa Fitzgerald
Coldwell Banker Realty

Visualize the Potential

Moving into your new home is an exciting, yet stressful time.  Only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home, and even less than that have the time to take on such a project.  Principal in her own lifestyle brand, Lisa will help you redesign your space to fit your lifestyle and create that “WOW” factor. Lisa is experienced in working with residential construction and design and having owned a design firm for almost 20 years, Lisa gives her clients a unique perspective on visual possibilities. Her unparalleled experience with real estate and real estate design gives Lisa's clients the edge by identifying value, managing risk and realizing opportunity all while creating the home of their dreams.


Let Lisa Inspire You

Lisa has helped individuals and businesses in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs create the spaces they've always dreamed of. To give you an idea of her work, a selection of projects have been provided below, or visit to experience what Lisa can do for you.


            7708 Grant Bath


          7708 Grant Office Space


           7708 Grant     



       .   7708 Grant Ceiling Detail